Part Time Webmaster

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This option is good for companies with 10-80 employees.
This is the most cost-effective option for a website, and offers much that the lesser options do not. You will have a dynamic web presence. Dynamic web pages are ranked more favorably by search engines and are able to keep up with the changing needs of business. You will also have your own dedicated web hosting account.
Available Services: HTML Coding, Animated Graphics, eMail management, PHP, Javascript, Forms, WordPress Administration, Sound and Video management, YELP and Google Management, and much more.
Cost Summary – No hidden charges

$200 / wk Part Time Webmaster – Half Day per Week
$400 / wk Part Time Webmaster – Full Day per Week
$750 / wk Part Time Webmaster – Two Days per week
$1100 / wk Part Time Webmaster – Three Days per week
If you are considering four days per week, we recommend the FULL-TIME OPTION.
The benefits far outweigh the cost by adding the fifth day.
Included Unlimited number of pages
Included Unlimited number of media files
Included Coordination with Google and Yelp
Included Better Google search result positioning
Included Domain Registration and Management
Included Dedicated web hosting account with unlimited traffic
Included Creation, edits, updates and changes
Included Registration and maintenance of your own domain name
Included 8-10 hours weekly for basic maintenance
Included Premium WordPress software with SEO plugins
Included Above packages include four weeks unpaid vacation per year
This option gives you everything that can be provided in a one-day work week. If you wish to expand, we can train and supervise the edits made by your own staff. That way, you get full-time web developers (your staff) with the expertise of a long-term webmaster.

Payment is to be on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or on the same schedule as the rest of your staff.