Full Basic Website

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This option is good for companies with 5-20 employees.
This option encompasses what 80% of internet sites in existence offers. You can go more if you want to do something outrageous, but this option will probably do all that you need for many years.
Cost Summary – No hidden charges

$480 Full Basic Website – Base Cost – YEARLY
Included Unlimited number of pages
Included Up to 50 Photos and Graphics
Included Domain Registration and Management
$45 / hour Creation, edits, updates and changes (Discounted rate)
Included 60 minutes per month is granted for basic maintenance
Included Premium WordPress software with SEO plugins
We will help you find your domain. The cost of domain registration is included in the cost of your Website.

You have an unlimited number of pages for your website. We ask that you pay for the time required to create them (at a discounted rate) but you are invited to write copy yourself and submit it to us in electronic format. That way, we only have to copy and paste.

If you wish to maintain a blog, or change your web pages yourselves, we can give you that option. We must charge, however, to locate and fix anything that you might accidentally break.

Example: www.GrandpaCooks.com
Example: www.SafetyOneMedical.com
Example: www.CentralBarber.com
Example: www.CheeseNStuffDeli.com
Example: www.PHXBlueFin.com
Example: www.WJStaxes.com

We charge an hourly fee for our services any time that we work on your domain or website. There are no other charges. We give you free domain management, free hosting, free listing on Google, and unlimited free HTML traffic.

Sixty minutes per month is granted for basic maintenance. Additional time is billed at our discounted rate of $45 per hour – payable after each session.