Charitable Organizations

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We offer 501.C3 organizations a free website.
Cost Summary – No hidden charges

$0 Charitable Website – Base Cost – YEARLY
Variable The number of pages can vary
Included Domain Registration and Management
$0 / hour Creation, edits, updates and changes
Included 30 minutes per month is granted for basic maintenance
Included Premium WordPress software with SEO plugins
We will help you find your domain. We pay for the cost of domain registration. We ask for a letter of benefit for tax purposes.


The number of pages will vary based on each situation. In some cases, a few pages is adequate. In other situations (where your staff can maintain the website) you have nearly unlimited potential.

If you wish to maintain a blog, or change your web pages yourselves, we can give you that option.

There are no other charges. We give you free domain management, free hosting, free listing on Google, and unlimited free HTML traffic. We request that you manage your Google and Yelp listings yourself.

Thirty minutes per month is granted for basic maintenance. Additional time is billed at our standard rate of $55 per hour – payable after each session. The site is otherwise totally free.