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If you have located a set of keys that has obviously been misplaced, but has a Meteors.net lighted key fob on it, you can mail the keys to Valley Web Services, PO Box 35693, Phoenix, AZ 85069. You will receive a key fob of your own whether the keys are claimed or not, plus a $10 reward if the keys are claimed.

If you have lost your keys, you can claim them by contacting us at 602-999-4120, by identifying the set of keys, and paying a $20 reclamation fee. Half of that fee will go to the finder, and half will go to cover shipping costs of a key fob to the finder, sending a reward check to the finder, and the return postage for your keys to you.

There are no other costs. This is simply done as a public service for the friends and customers of Valley Web Services.  It is YOUR responsibility to let us know if you move so that we can update your address in our records.

As is the story for many lighted key fobs, the light may eventually go out. To receive a replacement lighted key fob, please send $5 (just to cover costs) to Valley Web Services, PO Box 35693, Phoenix, AZ 85069. PLEASE WRITE YOUR ADDRESS AND THE ID NUMBER ON YOUR KEY FOB CLEARLY.

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