Valley Web Services –

We are a small Phoenix-based company that allows small businesses to create a managed Internet presence.
Whether you are a large business, or a very small one, you need a web page. We help you get one. Our price is scaled to the bare minimum, so that you pay only for what you want.

If you want a dynamic web presence, you should probably consider HostGator for your hosting needs.

No budget at all? We even have an option for that too!

Call us at 602-999-4120 to find out what option is best for you.

Domain Management

$25 yearly plus $55 / hour – Your domain name is the most precious part of your Internet presence. We can watch it for you to make sure it does not expire or is not legally hijacked by Domain (Pirates) Brokers. This requires that you have an Internet web presence with us, or somewhere else. This service is included in all of the below options.


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Business Card Website

$90 yearly – If you have practically zero computer skills, we can still help you. For an extra $90 per year, we will create a ONE-PAGE web site that will give the name of your company, your address, a map, your phone number and a bit of basic information, so that Google will still be able to find you.

Charitable Organizations

Free – We extend an invitation on a limited basis for charitable organizations to have a free website. We will HELP you set it up, YOU will manage it. Call to discuss the possibilities.